Fay Venner - Freelance Beauty Therapist
Manicure & Pedicure
Offering immediate results your hands & feet will be exfoliated & hydrated 
using the finest products from Qtica hand, body & nail products.
Full Manicure with polish                                                                        £24.50
Includes Cutilcle work, nail file to your desired shape, hands exfoliated, massaged & a polish of your choice from a selection of Zoya polishes.
Without polish                                                                                            £19.00
French Manicure                                                                                        £27.00
Full Pedicure with polish                                                                           £32.00
Includes cuticle work, nail file, Hard skin removal, feet & legs exfoliated using Qtica Smart Spa Honey & Mandarin Sugar Scrub, foot & leg massage, followed with a polish of your choice from a selection of Zoya polishes.
Without polish                                                                                            £26.50
French Pedicure                                                                                         £33.50
File, Massage   Polish                                                                                £18.00
File &Polish                                                                                                £14.00
Soak off Gel Polish

Offering a polish that lasts up to 3 weeks without smudging or chipping

Gel Application                                                                              £25
Nails are filed to your desired shape, cuticles are tidied & application of Gelicure polish.
Gel Pedicure                                                                                   £42
Offering all the great benefits of a Qtica Smart Spa Pedicure with the added application of
Gelicure polish.
As with any pedicure the polish lasts alot longer than it does on finger nails.
Gel Soak Off                                                                                   £15
Soaks off in 15 minutes without causing damage to the natural nail.
Free of charge with any Qtica/Gel manicure


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